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Mark Woodbury

Mark is a partner attorney at Woodbury & Ybarra, and one of the original founders of the firm. 

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Mark has been a practicing attorney for more than a decade, resolving numerous disputes and finding resolutions that fit clients’ particular needs. He skillfully breaks down complex legal situations, giving clients greater understanding of their case and the best path forward. His tactful, rational, and thorough process ensures no matter the case it is given its best chance to succeed. 


A transplant from Colorado, Mark has made a home in Utah, becoming an expert in estate and probate law.


Mark earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Brigham Young University before remaining at the school and graduating from the J. Reuben Clark Law School in 2012. He has been practicing law in Utah ever since.

Areas of Expertise


When he’s not lawyering (that’s what his mom calls his job), he’s usually at home chasing his three kids around the house, or working on the latest house project his wife dreamed up.  Spare moments are usually spent on his bike or in the woodshop.

  • Estate planning

  • Uncontested Probate

  • Contested Probate

  • Estate Administration

  • Real Property Litigation

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