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About Us

Our Vision

At Woodbury and Ybarra, we make estate planning and protection easy. Our company values hard work and family relationships, and we know our clients do as well. Many have spent years building and growing their assets to provide the best life possible for themselves and their loved ones, and want that legacy assured. In only a few simple steps, we can help reduce potential for family discord after death through our wills and estate planning services. We can provide you with the individualized, enduring resources you need to help safeguard your life's work now and after you've passed away.


Daniel Ybarra

Partner Attorney

After graduating cum laude from the Woodbury School of Business at Utah Valley University with a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business Management, Daniel Ybarra earned his Juris Doctorate from the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University.

While not practicing law, Daniel enjoys snowboarding, rock climbing, mountain biking and spending time with his wife and daughter.


Our Attorneys

Woodbury & Ybarra excels in the creation of quality estate plans and unwavering probate litigation and administration, leading the industry in integrity and client satisfaction. We are a determined team of attorneys with a track record of delivering results. With over two decades of combined legal experience, our lawyers advocate for their clients with compassion and competence. Leveraging the latest technology, strategic planning and solid legal analysis Woodbury & Ybarra gives their clients the decided advantage.

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Mark Woodbury

Partner Attorney

Mark Woodbury graduated from the J. Reuben Clark Law School in 2012, and has been practicing law in Utah ever since.  A transplant from Colorado, he’s made a home here, practicing primarily in probate and estate planning, though he also has experience in real property litigation and landlord tenant law.

When he’s not lawyering (that’s what his mom calls his job), he’s usually at home chasing his three kids around the house, or working on the latest house project his wife dreamed up.  Spare moments are usually spent on his bike or in the woodshop.


Alex Konopasek Hulme


Alex Konopasek Hulme received her JD from J Reuben Clark Law School in 2012 and had experience in immigration and criminal law before finding a home with Woodbury & Ybarra. Licensed in both CA and CO, Alex works remotely from her home in Colorado.

Alex is low key obsessed with Law & Order, murder mysteries, and gluten free baking. When she isn’t being run ragged by her four young kids or helping her husband bleed the brakes on his latest car project, she can be found training at her Muay Thai gym.


Joshua Bennion


Josh Bennion graduated from the J. Reuben Clark Law School in 2023, and is excited to be practicing law in his home state. He specializes in probate litigation, though he has some background experience in immigration and family law, and is expanding his experience in estate planning.

In his free time, Josh enjoys experimental/novel cooking with his wife (which sometimes ends badly), gardening, hiking, and trying to persuade his toddler that sleep is actually a good thing.

Josh is passionate about helping people, and believes that everyone deserves access to quality legal representation. He is committed to providing his clients with personalized attention and compassionate advocacy.


Legal Assistants

Caroline Kneedler

Law Clerk

Meet Caroline! She has been working at Woodbury and Ybarra as their law clerk since the start of 2023. Caroline's legal journey is reaching new heights as she nears the culmination of her education at BYU Law School. Soon, she'll be transitioning into an attorney role at our firm, and we couldn't be more excited!


When she's not making magic happen for her clients, she's off exploring the world and satisfying her cravings for all things sugary. Caroline's got a nerdy side too. She loves Star Wars and is a bookworm who can answer any of your burning questions about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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Makayla Farr

Law Clerk

Makayla received her undergraduate degree in Public Relations and is currently a JD/MPA student at BYU. She loves listening to murder mysteries and "Happier with Gretchen Rubin." Makayla hopes to pursue a career in estate planning after graduation.


Sophie Colton

Law Clerk

Sophie grew up in Los Gatos, California and moved to Utah to attend BYU. During her four years there she danced on BYU's ballet team and got her Bachelor's Degree in Art History. Sophie just completed her first year at BYU Law, and is hoping to pursue a career in estate planning and probate law.


When she's not working or studying, Sophie loves cooking and doing DIY projects for her house. 


Tom Ripplinger

Legal assistant

Tom has worked with us since 2020 and plays a vital role in our company. His knowledge of the inner workings of Woodbury & Ybarra help him perform invaluable tasks such as onboarding new clients and assisting current clients, creating legal documents, making and fielding phone calls, scheduling meetings, notarizing documents, running errands, assisting with signing ceremonies, handling sensitive client and company information, strategizing, marketing, and a variety of other odd jobs.

When he's not working, Tom enjoys spending time with his wife and watching sports, often writing about various athletics for the Deseret News.

Sofia Ybarra

Legal Assistant

Sofia works mainly with the billing, accounting, and bookkeeping at Woodbury & Ybarra.  Also acting as the firm's unofficial Human Resouce representative, Sofia's decided to turn a blind eye to the fact that her job here could easily be construed as favoritism, and, with a strict warning to herself to avoid any partiality toward legal partners, has officially granted herself permission to retain her position.  

In her free time Sofia enjoys mountain biking, hiking, running, camping, and doing almost anything that allows her to enjoy the mountains and being outdoors. 

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Value 01.


With over two decades of legal experience, our knowledgeable attorneys can help you navigate the complexities of wills and estate planning with ease.  Our attorney’s legal expertise also extends into probate administration or litigation services, providing our clients with top quality services and peace of mind throughout court proceedings.

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