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Introducing our law firm
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Estate planning is about more  than your possessions.

It's taking care of your family and protecting your legacy.

We offer personalized legal representation and assistance in all areas of probate law, including wills, trusts, administration, and guardianships.

Woodbury & Ybarra excels in the creation of quality estate plans and unwavering probate litigation and administration, leading the industry in integrity and client satisfaction. We are a determined team of attorneys with a track record of delivering results.


With over two decades of combined legal experience, our lawyers advocate for their clients with compassion and competence. Leveraging the latest technology, strategic planning and solid legal analysis Woodbury & Ybarra gives their clients the decided advantage.

Our Services


Estate Planning

Estate Planning simply means planning for who will get your property and assets after you, protecting your hard-earned wealth for generations to come. 


Estate Administration

An estate moves into the administration phase once the legal paperwork is completed and a personal representative has been assigned. 


Probate Litigation

Probate litigation covers all aspects of estate administration that require court supervision.  It also includes trust litigation and administration and guardianships for incapacitated or incompetent persons. 

Meet Us

Daniel Ybarra
Partner Attorney

Mark Woodbury
Partner Attorney

What Clients Say

What Clients Say

What Clients Say

“Mark has a consultative approach and helps you understand and weigh all of the options with estate planning so you can have peace of mind with your situation.  I would recommend Mark to anyone including my closest friends and family members.”

- Kyle Hunter

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There Is No Lawyer More Eloquent Than the Heart.

Sylvain Maréchal (1788)

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